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Monday, May 17 - Friday, May 21st

General Admission: 10 AM - 11 AM CST

VIP Admission: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM CST

Replays will be available through Tue, May 25th

No, I'm won't be pulling the replays to be a jerk...

The objective with this challenge is to get you engaged for a short period to make significant and rapid improvements to your businesses

If you're unavailable from May 17 - May 25, then you should skip this offer

Only 175 total tickets available

What is This Challenge All About?

I know you can make a significant level up in your business rapidly with some intense focus and some new ideas...

...or new perspectives on "old," but important ideas.

When I used to work for Texas Instruments, they would do "blitzes" where they put a couple of dozen engineers in a room for a week and told them to tackle big problems with ambitious or aggressive solutions.

Let me tell you that blitzes can have a huge impact for big companies with 30k+ employees...

...and if a ship that is HUGE can change course suddenly in significant ways...

...then, your business of 1 or 10 or even 100 employees can definitely do just as good...really better.

In this challenge, I go live with you and others like you who are looking to rapidly grow their online businesses.

Yes, there will be some significant focus on SEO because that is core to my business...

...at the same time, there will be some universal business, personal development, and personal productivity concepts and principles I will focus in on.

There will be time for Q&A live.

There will also be a limited time Facebook group just for people who purchase a ticket to the event.

Specific Topics:

Local/Maps SEO Case Study: We will discuss the following case study in more detail from all red to making $$ in about 4 months:

Another Maps SEO Case Study: Mostly Red to ALL (but 1) top 3...minimal work

"GMB Resurrection" Method:  Bring back GMB's that have been suspended for many months, if not years...

...bring them back instantly...

...AND bring back most of their rankings in less than 10 days!

I've now done this successfully on many GMB's and am very excited to share it in a way that a limited amount of people will see it for a limited amount of time.


...weird loophole...

This method can also be used on recently suspended GMB's to get them back when Google Support is being...robotically obnoxious...

...if you've dealt with them, then you know what I'm talking about.

Furthermore, knowing this method will make you feel safer with GMB's that are ranking and making money right now...

I will be revealing the full extent of that technique in a session during The Challenge.

The method won't get a GMB that would not be ranking otherwise suddenly killing it...

...it will usually bring back about as much rankings as the GMB had when it was suspended.

I have had a bunch of GMB's suspended over the years...like 200+...mostly for my local lead gen GMB's...

...so, yeah, I'm very excited about this!

I discovered a rough outline of the technique basically right around Jan 1, 2021...

...when, to my surprise, I instantly recovered a GMB and it ranked almost as well as before suspension.

...fast forward to today and I've "Resurrected" 17 GMB's that were suspended last year...

...and systematized and streamlined the process more, so I'm able to do more every week...

...there are still more to go as I have taken a very careful and measured approach in my testing.

Make Sure to Grab Your Ticket to The GMB Resurrection Method Challenge Session

If you have old suspended GMB's that were once valuable, then this method could quickly make you $$.

Also, I think there are some interesting implications that come from knowing the method.

$5500/m SEO Client Full Life Cycle Case Study: 

$39,250 paid over 6 months...

We will look at the whole life cycle of this high end, excellent, and very professional client...

...from how I got their attention as a prospect to why they purchased to why the fired me...

...to what I can do better for my new $5500/m client ($7250/m for first 2 months) I signed this May 2021 (very different niche).

I'm very happy with this client overall and I think they left generally happy as well.

This is in a niche where I've had other big clients.  It is a local business niche with reasonable competition.

We will talk more about this niche during the Challenge.

I will show you how I attracted them and how I moved them through my simple sales funnel to purchasing the big package.

I will also talk about 2 more clients that were paying me $5000/m in the past that came back for more SEO services at a later date...

If you're curious about the answers to the following questions, consider joining the challenge:

How did they find me?
What was my sales approach?
How did I get them to pay the big bucks?
Why did they come back for more?
How can you setup similar systems?

I believe I can give you some simple, yet powerful answers to these questions that you can use immediately in your business to make it more profitable.

Big Time & Money Savings in Your Business Soon:

...with good systems, systems understanding, and systems building systems.

As kinda insane as the above sentence sounds, I mean each one with specific intention.

With a small number of systems efficiency principles...

...that are simple to implement...

...you can make huge gains in your business and life.

You can significantly turn the ship that is your business or your own productivity...

...in 1 month or less...

You can be saving time and money in multiple areas of your business...

...and have systems setup that grow that time and money savings over time.

Topic Outline:

  • High Level Business Strategy
    • The theme of everything in the event will be: Powerful, Yet Simple 💪💪
    • Core principles of building a successful business that works for YOU
    • What are some important questions to consider to maximize the chances of success for your business?
    • What's most important for you to work on in your business?
    • What paths will provide the biggest bang for your buck/time in your business?
    • ...and many more critical questions and concepts
  • High End Client Sales
    • ~85% of my revenue since 2012 has come from Client work
    • This has been my bread and butter
    • $5500/m full sales cycle big client case study
    • $5500/m new, recent client in weird niche
    • $5000/m x 2 clients from several years ago coming back for more...
    • I've tried to sell to clients many different ways...
    • I know what has worked for me time and time again...
    • ...and what seems like it will work, but is actually not worth the investment...
  • Local/Maps/GMB SEO
    • 70% of my clients since 2012 have needed local SEO
    • 100% of my lead generation since 2017 has needed Local SEO
    • All Red to ranking in 4 months GMB Case Study
    • The GMB Resurrection Method
    • Mostly Red to all top 3 GMB Case Study
  • Productivity & Efficiency
    • For you personally
    • And for your business
    • What efficiency principles should you and your business be focusing on?
    • What systems and processes can you put into place to streamline you and your business?
  • Putting it all together in a Powerful and Cohesive Plan
    • Build your personal and business roadmap to your target destination
    • Plan your objectives
    • Pick your priorities
    • Start moving aggressively toward your goals
David Hood

(Maps) SEO Geek

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I have been a computer geek since high school...

I've been running my own streamlined Client SEO agency since 2013...

...successful enough to provide for my family...

I started Digital Domination Dojo to help others benefit from my experience AND provide my family with more financial resources...win-win-win

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