Mastermind in the Mountains: SEO & Online Business

Connect with Badasses in SEO & Digital Marketing in Beautiful Nature 

Objective: Biz Mastermind & Have Fun in the Rockies in the Summer

Building relationships is one of the most important parts of being successful in almost any way...

...be it in your personal life or in business.

We are social animals that can accomplish great things through cooperation.

Before releasing full information, I can confirm that 4 badasses that will be there...assuming I can count myself as one :)

-- 06/24/2021 -- Update, 5 badasses and a few more likely yes's.

All 4 of us have had SEO be a huge part of our business...if not almost 100% of their business like mine.

There are several more who have expressed strong interest, but I haven't released full details (until now), so I expect that 4 to be at least 7 and more like 10-12.

12 is the cap of people and so there are only 8 spots left at the time of writing this.

The types of specific business models of those attending include:

  • Client SEO Sales
  • Client SEO Service
  • Maps SEO
  • Lead Generation (with SEO duh)
  • Information Business
  • Software Business

A mastermind was defined originally by Napoleon Hill as "two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems."

The harmony is the business part...oh and the nature part!  

I love the mountains (David Hood speaking, err writing, here) and try to make it out there at least once a summer...

To me, there is a TON of DIRECT VALUE  you get from a a small business mastermind of 5-20 people getting together to share what's working and not working in their businesses...

...while asking smart questions

...and identifying potential major opportunities or pitfalls

What would be the value to you of you doubling your income or adding another $100k/yr in the next 2 years?

Oh, and connecting on a real human level with colleagues for lasting valuable friendships and/or business allies.

This path that I have chosen...and likely you if you're still with me...there's no water cooler to talk to my coworkers...

...Many of us work in front of a computer all day...

...even with families and others living with us, it can feel isolated

No one in my family can really understand what it is that I ACTUALLY DO

When I talk to them about my business, there's so much context they don't have.

This is not a normal career path I have chosen...

...just the way I like it!

Therefore, the value of being able to talk about a, for example, Client SEO Agency with someone else who runs a profitable Client SEO Agency is enormous.

There simple format for this mastermind:

Thursday, Aug 5th Evening: I Expect Most People To Arrive in Breckenridge, CO by the Evening.

I've booked a batch of rooms for the nights of Aug 5th, 6th, and 7th...

The next 3 summit ticket purchasers will get these rooms for free ($916.96)...

Fun/relaxing/shenanigans will be afoot...

Friday, Aug 6th: All Day Big Eisel Type of Presenting

--> I will try to avoid screens...I have outdoor business space booked, so we can do it in the backdrop of the mountains

--> We each take turns presenting our businesses and discussing other people's businesses...

Sidenote: There no shame if your business isn't raking in millions or even thousands now...

...please join us if you are serious about building your business...

...I believe I was successful when I decided to really commit with significant focus over time to my business...which came many months before I hit $10k/m

--> There will be lots of aha's for potential opportunities & pitfalls...

--> There will be bombs dropped casually...

--> There will be random party fun

Sidenote again: Part of why I didn't fit into the corporate world very well was that I am...playful...I like to add fun wherever I can...

...while certainly being serious about serious matters...and $$ is serious...

...it can also be fun...so, this Mastermind in the Mountains initiative is to create more $$ & more fun for me personally and hopefully for other like minded people.

...what is the point of working for freedom, if I don't get to enjoy it?

--> This day's objective is to really get other people's businesses and ideas bouncing around in our heads...

...it takes time to process and deeply comprehend some of the angles that you did not see before.

Saturday, Aug 7th: Mastermind OUTSIDE in GORGEOUS Nature

I plan on hiking every day I'm in the mountains...

...and white water rafting...very fun!

...maybe a hot air balloon ride or amateur rock climbing...

...but, I also fully expect for us to split into a small number of groups here as interests will vary.

I may go fly fishing, but I'm confident that Eric F. & Fletch will not pass up the opportunity to fish in the mountains!

I'm not a big golfer, but I know there are golf courses in Breckenridge, CO and I was a big golfer, I would certainly have that on my agenda.  I expect others to want this as well.

Shortly, I will gather interest from all those joining and try to support setting up fun activities for everyone.

The objective of this day is to have shared experiences and fun while still talking shop with the base of information from Friday, Aug 6th.

Aug 8th+: Choose Your Own Adventure

One thing I think I love about the mountains...and I get when I'm hiking...

...is a sense of freedom...freedom to choose my own path...in the moment and in life.

So, I expect some people to stay a little bit longer maybe to enjoy the nature...or to mastermind in small groups...

...or just to party at a beautiful location.

Would you like to see into other people's SEO and Online businesses to understand what is working and not working in their business?

Get your ticket to the Mastermind in the Mountains!

Do you enjoy the mountains in the summer?

Get your ticket to the Mastermind in the Mountains!

This is built to be an event with a small group of people and there's only so many rooms, so there a real limit to how many people can join.

David Hood

(Maps) SEO Geek

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